I have been reluctant to say a great deal about our situation regarding Covid-19, for the most part because the past few months have brought so much uncertainty, both in terms of the changes in supply chains, as well as the changing circumstances socially.

I can now say, with fingers firmly crossed, that so long as no new major restrictions come into force in coming weeks, we should be able to continue subscriptions pretty much as normal for the foreseeable.

There may be ever so slight delay's regarding postage times, as Royal mail are running a little behind schedule at the moment, and as this effects our receiving supplies also, we may have to post a little later at times too, but we will of course let out customers know if that is the case.

We have seen a real surge in demand in recent weeks, as people presumably are eager to find new things to keep them occupied whilst doing the right thing and staying at home. We are so glad to be able to keep sending you a little bit of happy post during these rough times.

Take care and best wishes

Amy x

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