June's Kit - Pressed flower and resin Jewellery

Resin pressed flower kit

Ahhh summer. We love you, but you are perhaps not the craftiest of seasons!? This month, we decided to come up with a kit that involved a little bit of getting outside in the sunshine!

This box included everything you need to make these beautiful pressed flower botanical pendants.

Inside the box;



Pendant and earring frames

Pressing paper


mixing dish

mixing stick


Masking tape

Jewellery findings

June's makerly craft kit

So this wasn't the most straight forward of kits, with several steps that required a lot of precision and waiting...

Flower pressing kit

The first step was to head to the nearest green spot and find some tiny colourful flowers to press! This could take weeks or minutes depending on wether you chose to press using a book or an iron.

Resin craft kit

Then came the science. Anyone that has ever worked with resin will know that you have to work slowly and carefully, but can expect amazing results if you get it right!

Resin pressed flower jewellery

Just how gorgeous are the finished pieces?

This was a really popular kit, with our spare kits selling out almost immediately. We are so glad that people loved it!

If you had a bash at making these pieces, why not share to our instagram page@makerlycrafts ?



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