May's kit - Wet felted purse

Wet felted purse kit

Wet felting always seemed as mysterious as needle felting to us, until we gave it a go and put together this months kit!

Inside the box;


5 Pastel wool colours


Rolling mat




Buttons and sequin to decorate

Wet felted purse kit

Wet felting is the art of binding overlapping layers of loose wool through a rather lengthy process of wetting, rubbing and rolling.

Wet felted purse kit

It's pretty hard to believe that you are going to end up with anything other than a soggy clump of wool halfway through this one, but persevere, and voila!

Wet felted purse kit

A cute little coin purse!

If you like the look of this one but missed out on May's box, fear not! You can still get your hands on one of these boxes while stocks last here


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