March's Kit - March Hare Sewing Kit

It's been a whole 5 months since we found an excuse to shoehorn a cute animal into one of our kits...and what better excuse to do so than the beginning of Spring, Easter, and the season of the bunny!

March Hare Trophy Head Sewing kit

March's box included everything you needed to sew this adorable March Hare trophy head!

This kit included;

Beige Fabric

Gingham Fabric

Toy Stuffing



Pin Wheels

Felt colours

Embroidery Hoop

Toy Eyes

Buttons and Bows for decorating!

Makerly Crafts Subscription Box

The pattern included involved a little bit of hand sewing, but nothing so tricky that a novice sewer couldn't give it a bash.

March Hare Trophy Head Sewing kit

And okay, it may not be to the taste of every wall, but we think the finished piece is rather charming!

March Hare Trophy Head Sewing kit

Did you have a go at this months craft? Don't forget to share your creations and tag @Makerlycrafts!


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