Craft Ideas for Mothers Day

Some floppy daffodils and a box of Dairy Milk will do just fine, I'm sure. But if you'r looking to craft something a bit special this Mothers Day - look no further! Here are some fancy floral gift ideas we have found and are dying to try!

1. Edible Floral Chocolate Bars

This delicious and easy peasy tutorial from LetsMingle combines two Mothers Day staples to make these gorgeous looking gift bars. Yes please!

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

You can find the tutorial here

1. Mum Succulent Planter

Or Mom, Whatever.

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

I love this idea. It looks so easy, fun and messy to do!

This and other great ideas over at Brit&Co Blog

3. Toucan Wall Hanging

Lia Griffith is clearly a genius. It's not an obvious choice, but this adorable and cool looking Toucan wall hanging would make such a wonderful gift for any mother with appropriate taste!

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

You can download and print the pattern here

4. Handmade Hanging Wall Vases

You wouldn't think these lovely stylish wall hangers were made of polymer clay, would you?

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

It also never occurred to me, as a big fan of both polymer clay and gold leaf, that the 2 could even be friends!

I'm banking that idea :)

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

1. Flora The Succulent

Shhh...Don't tell my Mum, but this is what she's getting on Sunday.

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

What's that? A crochet Succulent? How lovely!

....Oh hold on...

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

What's that?

Mothers Day Craft Ideas

Gah! There's a lady in my planter!

I totally loved this idea from AmourFou Crochet and promptly bought the pattern from her Fab Etsy Store

This was a lot of fun to make, and not too taxing despite the very clever structural cleverness!

(I highly recommend, if you love a bit of crochet, looking past the myriad of free patterns you can find online and looking for something a bit different on Etsy. There are so many brilliant and creative artists sharing their ideas for a really reasonable fee, SUPPORT THEM!)

If you have a go at any of these crafts, we would love to see how you got on! Don't forget to share your creations to @Makerlycrafts in all of the usual places :)


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