5 Ways to Recycle Fabric

January's Rag-Rugging box showed you a great way to make use of those old clothes you finally admit you never have, and never will wear! It also served as a great way to use up some of those scraps of pretty cotton you have had hanging around in your sewing box waiting to be used!

It got us thinking, there must be a whole bunch of creative ways we can avoid condemning our old fabrics to landfill.

Here are just a few ideas of ways to get crafty after a wardrobe clear out!

1. Feather Denim Decorations

Such a lovely idea from Pillar Box Blue. You can make standalone feathers or even whole wall hangings out of these chopped up old jeans!

2. T-Shirt Necklaces

You just know this is the sort of striking accessory that is going to have people going "Oh wow, I love your Necklace!" To which you will be able to say "Thanks, I up-cycled it myself out of some old T-shirts!" And now you feel all nice and smug ;)

Find out how, at Vicky Myers Creations

3. Fabric Twine Planters