Some tried and Tested Crochet Heart Patterns!

Giving myself RSI so you don't have too! This week has been all about festive crochet projects, (I've already started on Easter, don't judge me) namely, some cute valentines inspired heart designs to try!

1. Easy Heart Bunting

First off, some very simple teeny tiny flat hearts to make into...just about anything! I whipped some of these together in a fit of boredem in the car, so it doesn't take a genius

Valentines day bunting

I then stitched side to side to make a delightful bunting!

You can find the pattern here

I also tried and fail to make some of these small enough to turn into earrings. Anyone?

2. Kawaii Heart

kawaii heart crochet

I loved the look of these chubby hearts from HappyAmigurumi and was suprised how neat it turned out for something so small!

Of course, I felt it was crying out for some extra cuteness...

Amigurumi Heart


3. Anatomically Correct Human Heart

Massive respect to Kyla R for putting together the pattern for this anatomically correct human heart. I love the precise nature of the pattern and commitment to accurate science! I of course, got sloppy and just kind of shoved my aorta on wherever it fit, but I love it regardless!

Crochet Human Heart

You can find the pattern for this one here

We would love to see if you gave any of these a go too! As always, don't forget to share to @makerlycrafts in all the usual spaces :)


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