Love/Hate Valentines Day? Some Craft Ideas!

I'm on the fence, personally.

On one hand, enforced (and admittedly, genuine) sentimentality makes me feel a little bit queasy. As does the accompanying aesthetic, generally. Oh I don't really have to spell out why so many people find valentines day a bit cringe, I'm sure!


On the other hand, I am a crafter. And us crafters JUST CAN'T HELP OURSELVES. Any excuse to make another thing!

"Oh it's International Dentists day you say? Well I have just the right craft project to help me celebrate this special occasion!" (6th of March, FYI)

(Courtesy of GoldenLucyCrafts)

So forgive me please, if I relish the excuse to scour the pinterest-sphere and compile a list of awesome Valentines day Crafts ideas!

1. Paper Straw Cupids Arrows

Cheap and Cheerful - these I love! Because Glitter Card. You can find out how to make these super easy Cupid's Arrows over at White House Crafts

2. Glitter Glue Sensory Bottle