Love/Hate Valentines Day? Some Craft Ideas!

I'm on the fence, personally.

On one hand, enforced (and admittedly, genuine) sentimentality makes me feel a little bit queasy. As does the accompanying aesthetic, generally. Oh I don't really have to spell out why so many people find valentines day a bit cringe, I'm sure!


On the other hand, I am a crafter. And us crafters JUST CAN'T HELP OURSELVES. Any excuse to make another thing!

"Oh it's International Dentists day you say? Well I have just the right craft project to help me celebrate this special occasion!" (6th of March, FYI)

(Courtesy of GoldenLucyCrafts)

So forgive me please, if I relish the excuse to scour the pinterest-sphere and compile a list of awesome Valentines day Crafts ideas!

1. Paper Straw Cupids Arrows

Cheap and Cheerful - these I love! Because Glitter Card. You can find out how to make these super easy Cupid's Arrows over at White House Crafts

2. Glitter Glue Sensory Bottle

Sensory stuff is a thing right now, so I hear.

And I don't care if it's designed for kids, they get all the adults have senses too!

I want to make one of these sensory bottles from LittleBinsForHands, and I want to sit and watch the glitter fall down, and then I want to turn it over and watch it fall the other way. I'm relaxed just thinking about it.

3. Valentines Day Pretzels

Imagine if somebody went to the trouble of making you Valentines day themed pretzels. I would just marry them right then and there. Yes. That easy.

You can find the recipe here

(On a side note, they currently have those addictive Flipz Pretzels on sale for £1 a bag at the Co-op. Godspeed!)

4. Love Heart Pom Poms

Oh would you look at that! We already put together a tutorial this time last year to make these gorgeous fluffy love heart pom-poms. You can give it a go here.

5. Chocolate Mail Boxes


If you can't figure it out from the picture above, find out how at

6. Broken Heart Pinata

I mean, I have no idea for what sort of party or occasion would call for this, but I love thinking about somebody going to the trouble!

Check out this Genius tutorial over at AwwwSam!

That's enough pink for now X

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