We are planning a Green 2019!

Is it okay to still be saying "New Years resolutions and all that" well into the middle of Feb? Well I'm doing it.

It's the New year! If you vowed to make any tweaks to your lifestyle this year, then chances are you are already well into the swing of things (or of course, the less said the better about those fleeting ideas!)

Around the back-end of last year, as we started to see our little craft community grow into a sizeable one, we begun to think quite a bit about waste. More specifically, how to create as little of it as possible!

It may not be obviously apparent when you excitedly receive your pretty little package from Makerly each month, but you would be surprised at just how much nasty plastic detritus we seem to find piling up in the monthly packaging process.

UK Craft Subscription Box

(Image pinched from The Realhood Moms

Okay so it might not be quite that bad, but nonetheless, it does make us cringe!

So this year, we have decided that 2019's goal will be as cunning as we can when it comes to making our boxes as environmentally sound as we can. And here are our ideas so far!

1. Custom Boxes

If you have been with us for a while, you might have wondered why we go to the effort of adapting our packaging ever month to fit different sized boxes. There is a logic to this!

We would love to go ahead and order 1000's of lovely cheap pre-printed boxes to use every month. Some of the designs of other subscription boxes are just beautiful!

UK Craft Subscription Box

(Birchbox Jealousy, always)

But for Makerly, it just doesn't make sense to do this. Every month, we want to make sure that you get the perfect tools and materials to play with, not just items that we can fit nicely into the box! For example, one craft might call for much smaller items than can fill previous boxes, so with pre-printed one size fits all boxes, we would need to fill your box with a whole bunch of useless packaging to make sure it ships safely! (You know who you are, rainforest themed online retail giant!)