January's Box - An introduction to Rag-Rugging

Needle Nelted Robin Craft Kit

Ahhh January. Who came up with this idea? Its cold enough to snow but it's not. Everybody's too skint to do fun. It truly is sofa season.

But you know what the solution is, don't you?.....Time consuming craft Projects!

This month, we decided to put together an introduction to Rag-Rugging. A very easy and satisfying craft that you can sit and do for nights on end without so much as lifting a brain cell.

This kit included;

5 colours of Jersey Fabric


Latch Hook tool

Scissors (Because you're going to do a lot of cutting!)

Marker Pen


Christmas Needle Felt Kit

We also threw in a couple of little themed bits and bobs, because... we wanted to.

Needle Felted Robins

(A great big thank you to the lovely Fluffy Bees Gifts for supplying the Die Cut Hearts!)

We were so pleased with how this project turned out. After spending quite a lot of time trial and erroring (new word, you're welcome) some Rag-Rugging projects, we decided on this shaggy Rag Rug Heart.

Perhaps the most satisfying thing about Rag-Rugging (Besides watching your rug become fluffier and fluffier as you go!) is just how great a way it is to use up old scraps of fabric!

Although we did supply enough quality Jersey Fabric to make this heart rug in Jan's box, we did encourage Makers to make bigger pieces by using up old unused clothes too. What better excuse to have a bit of a January wardrobe clear out!

We cant wait to see what our subscribers made with this kit. You could of course stick to the instructions, however this is such a versatile craft that you could make a rug in just about any shape, or even double up to make a cushion!

If you fancy having a go at this craft but don't want to decimate your wardrobe right now. You can now purchase one of these kits over on our Buy Past Boxes page!

Please don't forget to share your finished projects to @makerlycrafts in the usual spaces!


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