Decembers Box - Better late than never!

I was just reminded, when receiving in the post an "Apology Biscuit" from the folks at DPD for their service over Christmas, of the absolute whirlwind of a month that was December 2018!

(Yes it is a thing. Example biscuit, not my biscuit.... I ate my biscuit )

I wont go into too much detail to save myself from the Nam style flashbacks, but lets just say that we were thrilled to have our busiest month yet last December...welcome on board, Christmas gift recipients! ;)

Unfortunately every courier company in the land did not get the memo that Christmas HAPPENS EVEY YEAR, hence why we were frantically yet carefully folding gold leaf sheets long into the night, trying to get your boxes complete in a very small window of time!

And hence you can forgive us for the big long nap we took over Christmas, forgetting to update you on Decembers kit until long after Jan's kit has already gone out!

But here it is! Decembers kit showed you how to make these gorgeous marble and gold leaf organisational bits and bobs for your dressing table. Using Plaster of Paris, some ingenious moulds, Powdered paint and gold leaf, you could make your own trinket dish, ring cone and cute little container to store away all of those loose ends!

This kit included:

Plaster of Paris

Cone moulds

Dish Moulds

Cup Moulds

2 x Powdered paints


Stirring stick


Goldsize Glue

Gold leaf sheets

And as if that wasn't enough to cram in, we also included a cute little DIY Gold leaf bracelet, as well as a papercraft perpetual desk calendar!

DIY Papercraft Calendar

Well it was Christmas after all! What better excuse to lavish you with gifts ;)

Decembers Craft Kit

We really hope you enjoyed December kit as much as we enjoyed coming up with it, and can't wait to see your results!

If you are bummed that you missed out on this kit, do not despair! You can go grab one now over on our Buy Past Boxes page!

Finally to wish you all a belated Happy New Year (It's legal until February)


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