Brussel Sprout Crochet Tutorial!

This time last year, to be able to crochet seemed to me like an impossible far away dream. A craft reserved only for those with impossible patience and who were able to actually paid attention in Maths!

In March last year, I decided that these little crochet Bunny Nuggets were too cute to ignore, and forced myself to conjure up the discipline needed to learn how to use a crochet hook without throwing a tantrum.

And I'm so happy I did, because now I am able to present to you my first ever attempt at a crochet pattern, for these albeit simple but completely adorable Christmas sprouts!

Crochet brussel sprout pattern

I'm not going to pretend this is an original idea, because lets face it, nowadays you can pretty much google anything only to find some quicker and cleverer(?) stick has already beaten you to it!

But I did figure out a simple little pattern to make them just the right size. Not because there were no patterns available, but because I would rather spend the time doing it myself than getting sucked into the endless circular hell hole that is pinterest (Yes, that's lovely, but where is the thing I actually wanted to READ!!!)

Crochet brussel sprout pattern

So here goes...

To make sprouts you will need

1 Crochet hook (any size)

Green Wool (any weight corresponding to hook size)


Plastic needle

Hot glue gun and Googly Eyes! (Always optional)

For the Leaves

R1: Chain 2

R2: 6 sc into the 2nd chain from the hook (6)

R3: 2 sc into each stitch (12)

R4: 2 sc into the next stitch 1 sc into the next stitch x 6 (18)

Finish off leaving a tail for sewing and make 2 more

For the body:

R1: Chain 2

R2: 6 sc into the 2nd chain from the hook (6)

R3: 2 sc into each stitch (12)

R4: 12 stitches around (12)

R5: (1 sc decrease, 1 sc into the next stitch) x 6 (6)

Fill your sphere with stuffing

R9: 1 sc decrease x 3 (3)

Sew up the bottom of your sphere using a tapestry needle

Now all you need to do is stitch on the 3 leaves you made to the middle centre of the ball, so that they are evenly spaced and overlapping, and your’e done!

Christmas Crochet Idea

How did I do, Crochet experts? (Stop laughing, I know its an easy one but I'm proud of myself!)

This is my first pattern so feel free to tell me how it works out, if you can spot any mistakes or if I have accidentally made any major crochet faux pas!

And do it quickly, because you know when you crochet a brussell sprout and then someone says "you should make a whole crochet Christmas dinner!" ?

Watch this space x

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