Novembers Box - Needle Felted Robin

Needle Nelted Robin Craft Kit

This November, we decided to launch into the Christmas spirit a little earlier than usual and show you how to make this ultra-adorable needle felted Robin!

I know I know, its a bit early, but we know how busy everybody can be in December so thought we would shoehorn this one in whilst folk still had the time for a bit of relaxing Christmas crafting!

And how relaxing and therapeutic is needle felting? I still find it pretty magical to watch such complex and colourful creations appear out of nowhere.

This kit included;

Natural Brown Wool

Natural Grey Wool

Red Wool

Needle felt tools

Black wire

Polystyrene shapes

Natural Brown felt

Round Nosed Pliers

Toy eyes

Christmas Needle Felt Kit

Needle felting, if you have never tried, is the art of repeatedly stabbing roving wool with a special barbed needle until the fibres begin to merge and create shapes. Shapes like these adorable little guys!

Needle Felted Robins

Yeah I know, it doesn't really make sense until you try it! For more detailed instructions, you can now download this months project here

We have absolutely loved watching all of your robins pop up on social media, and hearing how much you enjoyed this months box! Please do share if you haven't already done so, as we will be putting up a gallery soon!


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