Quick craft tutorial - How to make Paper Ghosts!!

It's Halloween tomorrow, which is by far my favourite craft excuse season! We really hope you loved having a go at this months Day of the Dead papercraft box, but if you are after something a bit more cheap and cheerful, why not have a go at making these super easy but completely adorable paper ghost decorations! All you need is a couple of bits and bobs and about the same amount of time it takes for a kettle to boil!

polystyrene pumpkin tutorial

You will need:

2 sheets of tissue paper


Marker pen

That's it!

Simple craft ideas

To start with, screw up one of your pieces of tissue paper into a tight ball.

Halloween crafts

Next, take your second piece of tissue paper and place over the top of the ball, twisting at the base of the ball, as pictured.

Halloween craft ideas

Tie a piece of string around the twisted base You can either knot and snip, or leave the string long if you would like to hang your ghost!

Tissue paper ideas

Give your ghost the gift of sight! Simply use a marker or felt pen to add some eyes.

Cute craft ideas

And that's it! How long did that take, like 30 seconds? Make a bunch of them, because ghosts need friends too.

Tissue paper ghost tutorial

Any other cunning ideas of for quick Halloween crafts? Share to @Makerlycrafts or join in the chat over on our Facebook Group!

Happy Halloween x

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