Quick craft tutorial - How to make Mini Neon Pumpkins!!

I have to admit to absolute childish excitement when I came across these polystyrene pumpkin shapes just in time for halloween...so much crafty potential! After a couple of woeful attempts at decoupage (I just cant seem to get it right) and a disappointing experiment with glitter (more on the carpet than the pumpkin) I decided to keep it simple and make some lovely little colourful characters.

Quick disclaimer. I do not have children, but I defend my right to craft as though I do.

polystyrene pumpkin tutorial

You will need:


Googly eyes

Green fimo

PVA Glue

Polystyrene Pumpkins (you can grab some or Ebay or your nearest Hobbycraft)

Simple craft ideas

To start with, paint your pumpkin in whichever colour you choose!

pumpkin crafts

Once dry, glue on your googly eyes

Halloween craft ideas

Break off a little bit of fimo and roll into a stalk shape

Fimo ideas

Bake your stalks and glue to the top of the pumpkin! Admittedly, in this case I didn't really have the patience for baking, so simply squished the stalks to the top. It depends how lazy you are, and how long you want your pumpkin to last!

Cute pumpkin craft ideas

Make a bunch of them, because they are cute as :)

Neon pumpkin tutorial

Any other cunning ideas of how to decorate these little guys? We'd love to see what you come up with! Feel free to share to @Makerlycrafts or join and post to our FB group!

Enjoy x

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