Septembers craft kit - How to make Cupcake Candles

This month we created a scrumptious and adorable kit to introduce you to the art of candle making! Candle making is one of those crafts that once mastered, can be as simple or as complex and creative as you dare to make it.

In coming up with ideas for this candle making kit, we couldn't resist these cute little replica cupcakes. As great as they look, they were actually surprisingly easy!

This kit included;

Soy wax

Candle dyes

Candle wicks

Vanilla fragrance oil

Cupcake mould

Stirring stick

Lollipop sticks

Heart wax melts

To make these cute candles, we first chose a colour for the base and filled the cupcake mould

We then created an icing topping by melting some white wax and whipping it continuously as it dried, before decorating just as we would a real cupcake!