Makerly box review - Sum of their Stories!

One of our favourite things to do each month is to look forward to seeing all of the creative and inventive ways you used your kits, as well as hearing how much you enjoyed them!

Sum of their stories blog

Thanks to Julie from the lovely crafty blog "Sum of their Stories" Who got well and truly stuck into July's Needle-Punch kit and came up with some beautiful pieces!

Needle punch embroidery kit watermelon

Love the finishing touches!

Needle punch Makerly craft kit cuff

Makerly craft kit needle punch embroidery

Julie also came up with this super cute fluffy geometric cuff!

If you like crafts (which I'm guessing you do), why not hop on over to Julies blog which is full of tips, tricks, ideas and reviews! You can also check out her full Makerly review and find out how she got on here


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