July's craft kit - How to "Needle-Punch" Summer fruits

Needle punch is an amazing fun way of making cool, fluffy little embroidery designs that turn out looking like mini carpets!

We stumbled across this craft and have been addicted ever since, so decided to put together a beginner level kit to help you learn how too!

This kit included:

Punch Needle tool

Embroidery Hoop

7 coloured embroidery skeins

Denim fabric

Jewellery findings


Pineapple buttons!

We also included some templates in order to have a go at making these cute fluffy summer fruits. We found that when coming up with needle punch designs, bright blocky images worked really well (we won't be showing you some of the travesties we came up with in the process!

We also discovered that you could use your finished designs to make little 3D fruits! (hence the fluff in the kit) ....although we are still not sure what to do with them :)

We will be posting the instructions to this kit very soon. In the meantime, we can't wait to see hwat our subscribers have made!


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