Quick Tutorial - Pine cone Pineapples!

Pine cones are for life, not just for Christmas! We stumbled across this lovely idea to make some adorable pineapple decorations using old pine cones, paint and paper and couldn't help but share!

Here's what you will need....

Pine cones (I know, I know, it's summer. If you can't find any lying around and don't want to destroy your pot-pourri, You can buy them on bulk on Amazon, because that's the modern world we live in)


Yellow Paint

Green card


Start by taking your yellow paint and covering the tips of the pine...nodes? I don't know what you call them buy you get the idea.

You may need a couple of coats to make your pineapple nice and vibrant, depending on what paint you use. (We used acrylic)

Next you want to make some little green leaf shapes out of your card and give them a slight curl by running along the outside of your scissors.

Lastly, take your leaves and glue them to the top of the pinecone surrounding the stalk, like so! (Superglue or a hot glue gun should work nicely)

It's that easy!

We would love to see if you had a bash at this, and what you ended up using your little decorations for! Maybe they would like nice strung up onto a garland for a summer evening BBQ?



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