Maker of the Month - April's Gemstone Soap

Make your own gemstone soap

Thanks a bunch to everyone who sent in pics of their finished soap projects from April's box. We It was lovely to see how much everyone enjoyed playing around with different colours and effects in this kit. It was definitely a challenge to pick Maker of the Month this time!

Here was our example...

Make your own gemstone soap

And here is the kit we put together...

Make your own gemstone soap

Some honourable mentions first of all -

seashell soap

Love these cute sea shell themed soaps from Susan Ireland. Thinking outside of the box for sure :)

Dinosaur soap

As ever, an amazing effort from last months winner Cath Bishop, who made these lovely opal numbers and always impresses us with her photography skills!

Glitter gemstone soap

Don't hold back on the glitter, Amanda foster!

Make your own soap kit

And the winner is....Schnicksy! We picked these soaps because we absolutely loved the way she used such bright colours in the opaque soap, and tried the chopping technique from our kit but put her own spin on it by keeping the bars plain. We think these look really cool!

Conrats on winning your next box free Schnicksy, we can't wait to see what you come up with this month!


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