Quick Tutorial - How to make beeswax lipbalm

Make your own lipbalm kit

So you may remember that last months Makerly bookbinding kit included WAY too much beeswax than you needed to wax your thread. That's because when we ordered the bars, shock horror, it looked smaller on the screen than it did in real life. Lesson learned!

But we hate waste. Waste is bad and bee's are good. And crafts are good!

Look at this....

Uses for beeswax

We had enough beeswax leftover in the end that we invented beeswax jenga! And yes, it (kind of) WORKS! :)


After scouring the web for ideas of how to use the leftovers, we found a lovely little recipe to make some organic, all natural, burt's bees style lip balm out of beeswax!

We also included a little lip balm tube so you could give it a bash if you wished.

Organic cosmetics you can make at home

If you fancy having a go, you're going to need some beeswax (I've got loads!), some coconut oil, peppermint essential oil and some good old fashioned honey.

You can have a look at the instructions here

That's it! I've made a few batches of this stuff and it really does work, and is guaranteed to come with no hidden nasties :)

Don't forget to share your pics to @makerlycrafts.com if you make some!


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