June's craft kit - How to make your own stamps!

This month, we decided to continue with our DIY stationary theme and teach you how to make your own foam stamps to decorate these little pencil cases/make-up bags!

Make your own fabric stamps

This kit included:

1 pencil case

Stamp bases

Adhesive foam

2 X Fabric paints

Paint brush

Pom Poms, beads and tassels to decorate


Make your own fabric stamps

We loved how these simple hand cut designs turned out! And of course once you know how easy and effective it is to make these little foam stamps you can use your leftovers to decorate any fabric item you like!

Make your own stamped T-shirt

British summer T-shirt in progress ;)

If you missed out of this months box but want to have a go at this technique, you can find the instructions here


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