April's craft kit - Make your own Gemstone Soap!

This month we decided to have a bash at making handmade soap. Making soap is a lot easier than you might imagine, is fantastic for making cute little handmade gifts, and allows for no end of creativity once you know how!

We had a hard time deciding on a soap design, but having cooed over the many varieties of gemstone soaps knocking around the craft-sphere, thought this would be a great place to start.

This kit included:

Melt and pour soap base

Rose fragrance

3 x soap colourants

Cosmetic glitter

Soap mold

Mixing pots

Stirring sticks

Plastic dinosaurs!

Make your own gemstone soap kit

We were really happy with how these turned out. And such a simple process! If you have the time to collect the ingredients, you can have a go at making these glittery nuggets by downloading the instructions here

Make your own soap

And as if these gemstones were not lovely enough already, we also decided that it would be fun to include some little plastic dinosaurs, just in case you wanted to hide one inside!

Soapmaking kit

These were also great for making some simple variations, for those who didn't want to go through all of the faff of chopping and carving.

Dinosaur soap DIY


As ever, we hope you loved your craft kit, and we can't wait to see your pics!


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