March's craft kit - Easter Bunny Nuggets!

This month we were very excited to work with the Lovely Brenna Eaves of Little Raven Fibre Arts in bringing you this collaborative Easter themed Crochet box!

Make your own crochet rabbit craft subscription box

I won't lie. I have never crocheted before in my life, save for a few sad, short attempts ending in a tangle of wool and swearing. I have always assumed that knitting and crochet are a craft reserved for those clever people who can count, keep their pencil cases clean and never lose their bank cards.


When I saw these adorable, beginner level Bunny Nuggets on Brenna's Etsy shop, I decided now was the time to try again. Because they are just so darn cute!

Make your own crochet rabbit craft subscription box

Case in Point.

This kit included....

4 balls of wool

Bunny Stuffing

3 pairs of safety eyes

1 X crochet hook

Yarn needles

Stitch markers

Instructions and crochet pattern

A discount code use in Brenna's Etsy Shop

Make your own crochet rabbit craft subscription box

We hope you all loved your crochet boxes. We aimed to put together a craft kit that would be easy enough for beginners like us to crack on with, but also be cute enough to impress those crochet experts out there!

If you missed out on March's box but would like to have a go at making one of these cuties, you can purchase the PDF pattern here

In making these little test bunnies, not only have I been able to master the basics of crochet, but I am COMPLETELY addicted. I am currently working on another one of Brennas lovely patterns and making this gorgeous octopus!

Dont forget to send in your bunny shots and have a very lovely Easter!

Makerly x

Make your own crochet rabbit craft subscription box

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