How to make broken CD mosaics

Carrying on with February's mosaic theme from our monthly subscription box, here's an ingenious, cheap and fun way of way of recycling those old CD's to make a beautiful shiny photo frame! We picked up a plain heart shaped frame from good old Poundland (god bless you), but you can of course use this technique on pretty much any surface you like.

You will need...



Strong glue

& Grout

Sponge or gloves for grouting

Make your own CD mosaic craft subscription box

Start by finding some old CD's that you don't mind destroying (sorry Michael) and use a big pair of scissors to snip them into irregular shaped pieces. We discovered that all CD's and DVD's are made slightly differently, so you may want to experiment with how to do this. There are a few different tips and techniques listed here

Once you have all of your pieces prepared, use some strong glue to stick them all down so that the whole surface is covered leaving thin gaps between the pieces.

Make your own CD mosaic craft subscription box

When you are sure your pieces are firmly stuck and dried, mix up your grout and smear over the top using an application sponge or simply your hands (with gloves of course). Make sure that all of the gaps between the pieces are filled nicely with the grout.

Make your own CD mosaic craft subscription box

Use a piece of kitchen towel to wipe off the excess grout so that the pieces begin to shine through. This may take a couple of goes. You can leave the grout to harden a little and then wipe again to remove the thin layer of grout that may be left.

Make your own CD mosaic craft subscription box

Leave the grout to dry and you're done!

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