January's craft kit - Make your own Neon llama embroidery!

llama embroidery monthly craft kit

January is grey. Very very grey. But this box was crammed full of the joy's of spring!

Since we found these lovely neon embroidery threads, we have been dying to put use them in one of our kits. ENTER LLAMA.

This kit included;

Embroidery hoop

Neon Embroidery threads

white wool

Tapestry needle

Beige cotton fabric

Thread ripper




Neon sequins (just because)

llama embroidery monthly craft kit

This project involved some very basic embroidery techniques, showing you how to make knotted llama fluff, a geometric Mexican pattern, mini tassels and cute little flower embellishments.

We hope you loved it! And don't forget to send your finished pics to hello@makerlycrafts.com for a chance to won your next box free in "Maker of the Month"


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