Septembers Craft kit - "No Bad Vibes" Cross Stitch pattern

Make your own Cross stitch craft kit

This months collaborative box came courtesy of the very lovely and talented Grace at "Innocent Bones" who put together an exclusive design for Septembers makerly project. This kit included;

Embroidery thread

Embroidery needle

Paint pot and applicator

Embroidery hoop

Cross stitch and backing fabric

Counted pattern


Make your own Cross stitch craft kit

If you loved giving this one a go, "Innocent Bones" has SO MANY more great designs you can check out over on her etsy shop - here

Modern cross stitch patterns

Modern cross stitch patterns

A big thank you also to LittleMURE, an artist and illustrator from Nottingham who turns her lovely drawings into big bright stickers! Check out more of her work over at her Etsy shop - here

Skull stickers monthly craft kit

We also chucked in some cute little turquoise skull beads...because bones.

We hope you loved this one, and please dont forget to send in your results for a chance to win your next box free in "Maker of The Month"


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