April's "Paper Cuts" box - Paper Automata's

We were so excited to bring you our first ever collaborative box this month. We stumbled across these adorable paper automata's from the incredibly talented Keisuke Saka's "karakuri Workshop", who kindly let us use three of his cutest for one of our boxes.

"I started my career as a graphic designer in 1990's, just before the dissemination of computers. At that time, manual dexterity was one of the important natures for graphic designers, and I confess that I loved precise manual work with a craft knife and tweezers more than creative work which demanded inspirations of me without a pause. With the diffusion of computers, my interest turned to craft work using paper, the most familiar and cheapest material for young poor designer. Through having trials of paper sculpture, 3-D illustration, pop-up card and so on, I finally reached DIY paper craft in around 2000. Now I enjoy both graphic design and creating paper models with unchanged craft tools, and of course, big help of computer"

This kit included three toys preprinted, glue, a craft knife, a ruler and even a mat to protect your coffee table!

Did you give one of these toys a go? Send in your pics (or even better, videos of them in action) to hello@makerlycrafts.com

You can check out more of Keisuke's Automata's over on etsy...

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